Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • ramaonline
    06-12 07:46 PM
    Can I change the employer after I get my 3 year extension on H1 ?

    The 3 year extension of h1 also allows portability - so emp change is ok.

    2) If I change the employer and If I transfer my H1, Will I get 3 years on my H1 based on 140 approval?

    Yes - gc is a future job offer - ur previous 140 can be used for h1 status extensions

    3) After switching to new employer, if I start the GC process all over again, can I keep my old priority date?
    Yes - once u have an approved 140 ur pd can be ported to any new gc applications

    4) I heard Gc process should be filed before expiry of 5th yr on H1 b, if i change my employer can i file for GC process in 6th yr and get furthur extension ?

    there is no such requirement - i guess ur asking if u start the gc thru new emp in 6th year can u get extn? in this case u can use the old 140 approval and request 3 year extn, or if u get the new approval use that instead

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  • eb3retro
    02-20 05:53 PM
    There are 2 kinds of people in the world -

    one who think that others (other people or government) is responsible for their current state and others are the ones who are willing to introspect, make appropriate changes and then succeed. Even a dumb (read "") can figure where they belong to.

    An itchy dog needs to get himself rubbed against all possible objects so as to keep that itch in control. These websites are such places where these people go to satisfy their itch. Even the owners of these itchy dogs desert them (read "their god-father politicians") when they start doing this. Do you think, people like us, who are busy with their daily interesting work, family have time to look at them?

    Look, the option is with us which is NOT to look at these stupid websites. None is forcing you to see these websites. So no point in complaining about them. First amendment rights for stupid is like a cigar in the hand of drunk monkey in california jungles (and we keep searching where these wild fires come from?).. so better neglect them and focus on our goal.

    We are surely going to reach our goal, no matter what these stupid people say... if you think hard then you will realize then the life's goal is much beyond simply getting EB GC...

    lovely comment ..well said.

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  • indyanguy
    08-23 10:15 PM
    I did a concurrent submission of I140 and I485 on July 2nd. As and when the 140 PP comes back, can I get PP done even though I have already sent my application?

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  • mach1343
    04-29 11:57 PM

    Anybody recently filed PIO through Travisa at DC embassy, please share your experience. I sent the application for my 1 and a half month daughter who is born here, and planning to travel to India in June. I would like to know how long does it take if the documentation is correct and is there any tracking system to know the status.

    No issues I got it in 10 days...tracking you would get emails about the approval.


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  • hazishak
    07-05 09:49 PM
    At this point no one knows answers to you questions. We have to wait and we will see. Ultimately, USCIS could avoid lots of headaches by accepting all July applications and issuing a new bulletin for August...but we don't know, and nobody knows what will eventually happen.

    There is no way USCIS can accept July applications. They said there is no visa available for FY-2007. Now how they will accept more applications? Basis on what? If they accept applications that means they had enough visa available but they did not want to process in which case the a law suit is imminent.

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  • malibuguy007
    10-02 06:45 PM
    Could not believe this thread was not on the first page. The lack of response so far is not going to shake my belief that ultimately most of you will contribute. Maybe you have not cashed your check yet?


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  • sin94
    11-11 01:08 AM

    I am in a dire situation. I received on Sep 15th 2008 the dreaded email "request for initial evidence sent case placed on hold". Neither my lawyers nor the employer has received that letter and now its being 45 days and now nothing yet in spite of repeated requests from lawyers and employer to the USCIS.

    What are my option here?

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  • anreddy77
    07-09 11:04 PM
    I feel there is no better country than India in the long run..believe me!!!


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  • amitjoey
    07-17 05:55 PM
    The only big way to show appreciation and thanks is to make sure, that each one of us continues to participate in each and every action item.
    Also, Contribute generously so IV can go out and fight bigger battles without worrying about funds.

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  • dhenuva123
    02-22 03:47 PM
    am still in the same case is still in " initial stage":confused: friends, my sincere advice is go for premium.....don't go for normal processing .......p


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  • $eeGrEeN
    09-10 12:45 PM
    I think members have written tons of pages on forums, spent days not hours predicting the actions of USCIS. But we need to understand that nothing and nobody can predict three things.

    1. Earthquakes
    2. Shooting stars and
    3. USCIS

    u may be right , Although the bill H.5882 hopes to remove the last item on ur list.

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  • Libra
    11-28 01:59 PM
    bumping....MN members please join the state chapter and contribute in whatever way you can.


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  • rajuram
    04-26 10:16 PM
    does anyone know when CIR will be discussed in the house and in the Senate?

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  • shana04
    02-16 12:38 PM

    Can someone please clarify with AC21 can I take up a job Position as "IT PROJECT MANAGER 11-3021.00" whereas my EB3 Labor is filed as "Computer Programmers - 15-1021.00" ?

    My I-485 is still pending past 180 days and I-140 is approved.

    Thanks so much in advance for replying.

    I would advice you to consult your attorney before you make this decision. Good luck


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  • ndswaiting
    05-01 06:15 PM
    I have been a silent follower of IV for more than a year but this is my first post so be kind :)

    I am a full time employee. My 140 was approved in Jan 2008 and I am one of those who missed the July'07 fiasco (as you can see from my PD :().

    I am being given an opportunity to join another team in my company. I do not want to impact the GC process but do not want to let go of this opportunity.

    The other team is ready to replicate my roles and responsibilities as per my PERM and give me a similar title. My company lawyer believes that this would be the best approach and would not hamper my existing PERM and I140 and I would not have to restart my GC process.

    I am reaching out to the collective knowledge base of the IV community for their insights/inputs/comments and red flags to watch out for.

    Thanks in advance :)

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  • glus
    11-11 08:36 PM
    Looking at the number of 485s pending for ROW EB3 with PD of years 2001 and 2002, I do not quite understand why the dates have not moved. We need to ask this question to someone. It does not make any sense.


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  • niceguy
    12-18 05:25 PM
    NSC wants to revoke my approved I140 when they were reviewing my 485 case. I140 is approved in TSC and 485 was in NSC. The reason was education. NSC and TSC are way different each other on how they look into education. I have Dip Comp Engg(polytechnic)+AMIETE+MS (BITS, Pilani). Though TSC approved my I140, NSC is questioning on the evaluation of AMIETE to US BS and MS,BITS to US MS. We replied and awaiting to hear from USCIS. I filed this labor in 2001 and it is my own labor. All 6+ years wait is in question now. My case is in EB2.

    So, nothing is guaranteed and granted in the world :) event after you get it.

    Best of luck.

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  • quizzer
    01-08 01:10 PM
    Has anyone managed to withdraw money from TCS PF from Mumbai India?

    If so, pls advise on the procedure for the same?


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  • giddu
    06-30 02:40 PM
    Online case status shows approval on jUne 27th. But then does it really matter with all this talk of July retrogression?

    02-05 09:04 PM
    You are talking about second FP on 485 right. I did not get it. My wife got it. Other thing I noticed is even after she gave her FP no LUD on her 485. I opened SR @ NSC for my FP notice.

    02-23 04:41 PM
    I successfully ported from EB3 to EB2 in the same company while on EAD

    Now i am working on the new Eb2 position using the EAD obtained from the EB3 position. I have still not filed my Eb2 485 since dates are not current (priority date jan 2007)

    The new Eb2 job description was similiar to Eb3 but the difference was that now it required masters degree and 1 year experience. This is becasue of more resposnitlity and supervisory role in the eb2 position. Also natural progression...

    I qualified for the Eb2 position without using the Experience gained in the existing company. I had masters and previous experience which was used for qualification....

    Also the older Eb3 position does not exist as it was modified to the new Eb2 position as the role now required more complexity...

    Sharing my experience and wondering if everything is ok with my current situation? I do not have a h1b. I still work on EAd obtained from the Eb3 app and travel on AP and have not had any issues yet....

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